Questions and Answers about Breast Prosthesis


Does a women need a breast form after reconstruction?
Some women experience a significant difference in size between breast following reconstruction and will wear a partial breast form, or equalizer, to restore natural balance and symmetry. If you are planning on having breast reconstruction, you may want a prosthesis to use before your surgery.

How soon after a mastectomy can a women wear a breast form?
As soon as a women receives permission from her physician,
usually between 2 and 8 weeks after surgery.

What is the advantage of a weighted silicone breast form?
Because the human body is essentially symmetrical, imbalance occurs when a breast is removed, causing one shoulder to drop downward and inward and the other shoulder to rise up. When the body is not properly aligned, back, shoulder and neck discomfort can result. A weighted silicone breast form will help restore natural balance by approximating the remaining breast in weight and balance as well as in projection and width. A weighted silicone breast form also warms to a woman's body temperature and appears smooth and natural under clothing. It will also keep the brassiere from riding up or pulling to one side.

Are breast forms covered by insurance?
Yes. Medicare covers breast forms and mastectomy bras. Medicare also covers post-surgical camisoles and leisure forms. Breast forms are included in the basic benefit package of most private insurers. Coverage amount varies by company and plan. After satisfying a deductible and co-payment, some companies cover a breast form yearly, while others may cover only one per lifetime. Before purchasing a breast form and mastectomy bra, it is important to consult your carrier to determine what your particular coverage benefits are.

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