Bra straps slide off your shoulders?
Bra straps dig into your back?
Bra rides up your back?
Breast and/or prosthesis sags in your bra?
Prosthesis is too heavy?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it is time to call us!


Your prosthesis can be fit to any bra, and all bras and most swimsuits can have pockets sewn into them.

Reasons to wear a prosthesis:
To keep your posture balanced
To keep your bra from riding up and shifting from the weight of your natural breast
To protect your chest
For the warmth the prosthesis can give you
To be able to wear the same type of clothes you have been used to

When you hug someone the prosthesis feels like your natural breast.
Not wearing a breast prosthesis or wearing one that is heavier or lighter
can result in the following:

Spinal curvature
Shoulder drop
Muscle contracture with accompanying discomfort (neck or back pain)
Balance problems

It's amazing how many women suffer from the discomfort of a poorly fitted bra. The average size bra has been rising from 34B to 38B and 36C. It is essential to be fitted professionally to keep up with the changes in your own body shape and size as well as in the size of the products available.

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