Please read a few of our helpful hints. We are deeply committed to the special needs of women dealing with cancer or breast surgery and we would love to help you.


Breast Forms
Your doctor will tell you when you are ready to be fitted for a permanent breast form or prosthesis. Most of these forms are made from materials that approximate natural tissue - its movement, feel and weight. A properly weighted form provides the balance your body needs for correct posture and anchors your bra, preventing it from riding up. At first the form may feel too heavy, but in time it will feel perfectly natural. Prices vary considerably. A high price doesn't necessarily mean that the product is the best one for you. Take the time to shop for a good fit, comfort and an attractive and natural appearance in the bra and under clothing. Your clothes should fit the way they did before surgery

The Right Bra
The right bra for you may very well be the one you have always worn. It may or may not need adjustments. If there is tenderness during healing, a bra extender can help by increasing the circumference of the bra so it does not bind the chest too tightly. Heavy breasted women can relieve pressure on shoulder straps by slipping a bra shoulder pad under one or both straps. If you decide to wear your breast form in a pocket in your bra, you can have your regular bra adapted. There are also special mastectomy bras with the pockets already sewn in. If the form causes any kind of skin irritation, use a bra with a pocket. If your bra has underwire you may be able to wear it, but be sure to clear this with your physician. Some women like to wear their prosthesis under nightgowns, but would like something more comfortable than a regular bra. We carry a soft bra, called a leisure or night bra. The attachable breast form also works great. Cotton camisoles are available with soft attachable prosthesis and may be worn immediately following surgery.

Suggestions for Fitting
Always make an appointment, even if it is a call the day you decide to come in.
Plan on 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This is not a fitting that should be rushed.
Bring a good fitting brassier with you.
Your fitter can fit you with a new one, but you may find you like what you already have better. A good-fitting bra is the most important requirement of your fitting.
Bring a knit top or sweater.
Bring a close friend or relative if you wish, to give you support and reassurance of a good fitting.
Bring your doctor's prescription for processing your insurance paperwork and for sales tax exempt purposes.

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