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The bra.

A well-fitted bra is your absolute best chance for maximum comfort and style. But with so many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Studies show that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra. So where — and better yet, how — do you begin?

You should take the time to get your bra properly fitted, Bra cuts vary wildly across manufacturers, so here at Contessa Corset shop our trained staff goes with you into the dressing room, because most bras are adjustable in at least two places — the back and shoulders. A bra might not seem to fit at first, but often if there's help with the adjustment, it will.

Next to comfort, the most important thing about a bra is that it should lift the breast to just the right height. Bend one arm at the elbow to form a right angle. Then lay your arm across your middle. Your bust should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow.

If you wear a larger cup size then a full cup bra will be your lingerie drawer staple. This is the most comfortable and supportive bra of them all and will be what you turn to day in and day out. This bra provides a firm fit to keep your bust supported which reduces sagging in years to come. Despite the obvious benefits, in the past these bras have had a reputation as being a bit frumpy but we hope that we have helped to change this perception as we have improved them by providing them in flattering styles and pretty fabrics and colours which are more feminine than ever before.

Your lingerie should enhance your outerwear by giving you a smooth silhouette but this can be difficult when wearing a close fitting t-shirt. Lace and seams create unsightly lumps and bumps that do nothing to enhance your figure. Developments in technology now enable us to create moulded bras which are totally seam free yet still able to give you the support you need to feel uplifted and secure. For discreet lingerie that really does its jobs, it doesn’t come better than a moulded smooth cup bra.

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