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Itís common to see articles in magazines talking about 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size and the problems that can occur, such as your bra being uncomfortable, neck and shoulder ache, a sagging bust and worst of all - the lumpy look a badly fitting bra gives under your clothes. But, have you considered this advice in terms of your swimwear? Probably notÖ

Classically swimwear has always been sized small, medium or large but how often have you found a swimsuit you like, only to be disappointed when it doesnít fit? This can be particularly difficult for women with larger cup sizes as you often have to buy a larger size than you are just to accommodate your bust.



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Before you buy your swimwear, we recommend that you visit Contessa for a fitting to make sure you are wearing the right sized bra. You can then buy swimwear that fits you correctly, makes you feel supported and gives you a smooth silhouette with no lumps and bumps.

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